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Be it racing a Caribbean regatta, a super relaxed island hop, adventurous Greenland/ Arctic trips, Ocean crossings or offshore races, Sail Blue Planet will advise, help and organise the sailing trip of your dreams!

Our worldwide sailing adventures include offshore Racing and regattas, cruising in the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, the Arctic, Norway (Lofoten) and the Cape Verdes and Canary Islands as well as ocean crossings for novices & experienced sailors; cruisers & racers; families, groups & individuals; Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, Mediterranean, UK, Australia, Asia, Patagonia, Antarctic, Arctic, USA.

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  • Shetland Island Cruise Scotland

    "Hi Boogie - Thanks a lot from us all to you Marlies and Luke for a great few days on Polar Bear. The sailing, the company, the food all first class! And you even managed to arrange a quick Scottish summer yesterday! We wish you happy adventures and safe passages, and hope we can all sail together again some day..."  Shetland cruise 2011, Jeremy

  • Shetland Island Cruise

    "Hi Boogie and Marlies - What a fabulous few days Clemmie and I had with you on Polar Bear. I had always wanted to sail around the Shetlands as the only part of the British Coastline that I had never explored and Polar Bear was the perfect boat. You both looked after us so well and fed us so deliciously it was a trip that Clemmie and I will always remember. I hope the rest of your Northern adventure goes well and some day we will sail again together..." Shetland cruise 2011, Sam and Clemmie

  • Antigua Sailing Week 2008

    "[I told them] what a fantastic time I had and what a great skipper I thought you were, even though we didn't get to do any cheesy dancing in Life bar! ..what I really liked about the way you ran things was striking that balance between having fun, learning, and the more serious's not an easy thing to get right but I think you did a brilliant job. You've got a great relaxed style, calm and approachable, and happy to give people the space to do their own thing.

    Gwen, UK - Antigua Sailing Week 2008

  • Hope to sail with you again!

    "What a fabulous team we made! I don't think I have laughed so much for ages so I must thank you all for providing the endless fun, I won't be able to look at a pair of speedo's the same again. All the best to everyone - hope to sail with you all again soon"
    Diana, UK - Antigua Sailing Week 2008

  • An unforgettable ASW

    "Just wanted to tell you guys that I had an unforgettable and great time on board Star Chaser, it really was fantastic! On top of all the fun I learned loads which will help a lot this summer. I can't wait to get back on Star Chaser and race with you again Boogie!"
    Graham, UK - Antigua Sailing Week 2008

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Insurance solution for sailors

A lot of our crew ask about travel insurance that will cover them while they are sailing, be chartering a boat in the Caribbean or crossing an ocean. The problem with a lot of the normal travel insurances is that they will not cover ocean sailing or costs associated with boat charters. We have worked with a number of different insurers, and can happily recommend Top Sail Insurance. Our (and our crew’s) experience with them is excellent and they have been very good in their service. They were also one of the few who covered crew that could not fly out last year to Antigua Sailing Week, due to the Icelandic Volcano.

To get more information or a quote to see if they would suit your sailing, contact us.

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