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Perfect sailing conditions, beautiful weather, stunning beaches, a massive variety of sea life and the vibrant cultures of the many different islands just about sums up some of the things that you can expect on a Caribbean cruise with Star Chaser.

The emphasis of our cruises is on luxury and unique experiences. We will combine great sailing with areas that other yachtsman rarely visit. You will experience all this while under the care of our professional skipper and hostess who can cater for your every need.

In addition to this we like to make our Caribbean cruises more personal. Just tell us what it is that you want to do on your holiday and we will steer you in the direction of our most suitable cruise. Do you want demanding or more relaxing sailing? Do you like to be active while on holiday and go diving, snorkelling, hiking or do you prefer sightseeing and laying on the beach?

Generally speaking our cruises take place in three main areas within the Caribbean these are, The BVI’s, the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands.

The Windward Islands Cruise - These islands are also mixed and so is the sailing that they offer. The islands in the north are high and volcanic on their east side the coastline is rugged and constantly pounded by the heaving surf. Their western coastlines provide plenty on shelter in many protected harbours and anchorages. The islands further to the south of the group are mostly sandy low lying surrounded by extensive coral reefs and clear water.

The Leeward Islands Cruise - The Leeward Islands are an intriguing mix of cultures which include French, Dutch, British and former British colonies. The islands vary in their geography as much as they do in culture from low lying sandy quays and coral islands to high volcanic peaks covered in lush tropic rain forest. In these islands you will travel to areas that are popular with yachtsman and to others which are so quiet that they seam to be almost secret.


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