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Ready, steady, go!

bodoWell, here we go!

Polar Bear's crew all arrived today and both the boat and crew are rearing to go sailing!

We'll be a comfortable 8 crew for the trip up to Bodo (Norway), which is about 600nm - the weather will tell how long it is going to take us!

On this cool offshore sailing trip we have a good mix of people on board: Scott and Liz, who are coastal sailors and want to experience a good offshore passage bodo - rathusklokke(they will stay on for some very relaxed but exciting cruising in the Lofoten Islands as well, but more about that later!); Ron, who owns a small classic yacht in Polar Bear's home marina in North Shields; Robin, who you all know from our trip up from Newcastle - after a week at home he missed us so much, he got on a ferry and came back! (just kiddin', very happy to have him back with us!); Mark, who you all know and who is running the show back in Newcastle (about time we got him a bit wet again!) and of course Luke, Boogie and myself. It feels like a good team and after a lovely lovely meal at the restaurant at the local museum here (Hay's Dock - worth a visit!), the team has started to gell and to slowly get to know each other.

A last few things tomorrow morning and then we'll cruise up through the islands, before setting course for Norway!

As a parting sign, a quote, that we saw on the museum wall last night and that really inspired me. It's from TA Robertson (aka Vagaland, 1909 - 1973), Shetland's best known and famous poet:

When we, like all before us, have gone home
Some traveller in the centuries to come...
May read what we have done our best to write
About this land of glimmering Northern Light

Vagaland (1959)

Photo credits: Tore Schöning Olsen

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