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Crossing the Arctic Circle

No luck with the wind gods this time…meaning that since my last blog two days ago, wee have mostly been motor sailing. With a bit of sunshine thrown in, but mostly a bit dreary, foggy, greyish weather…not the best of sailing weather obviously and with Henry (the autopilot) taking care of the steering while we’re under engine, just a tad boring. Thank goodness for interesting watch mates!

Scott had endless stories about climbing, travelling, paragliding, kids and the one about lions is still to be heard! Between us we pretty much chatted the hours away.

As for the boring bits: boy, is it worth it!

Early this morning we crossed the Arctic Circle (we’re officially Arctic sailors now!) and shortly after we had ‘Land ahoy’!  Dark mountain shapes against the grey clouds, with the first peaks to be seen Myken, better known as the Boobie mountains! Indeed, they look just like two enormous boobs!

We have since changed course to the East and are piloting our way between the islands towards Bodo…and just got some stunning views; snow capped mountain tops peaking through the grey and white clouds, the snow magically lit up by the sun.

We must be in a marine system here, as we have not a ray of sun and still a slight drizzle on the boat, but it’s clear the sun is shining where we are heading!

Another two hours or so should see us on the dock, with dinner done (it’s on the stove right now, couscous with Shetland lamb sausages!) and everybody rearing to go.

Until then, I’m going back on deck to enjoy the views!


Monday 13/6/11 – 1530 – just off the Norwegian coast – 17nm to go to Bodo



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