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Stunning scenery

 lofoten from the vestfjord - 0867It’s a weird feeling to be doing your 3-4am anchor watch while the sun is brightly shining. If my body wouldn’t have been telling me otherwise, it could well have been 3 in the afternoon!

Soon after, we weighed anchor and set course for Å (pronounced “Ow”), a small fishing village in the Lofoten, on the other side of the Vestfjord separating the Lofoten from the mainland.

We thought we’d seen some beautiful sights by now, but as we sailed closer to the islands we sat looking in awe at the scenery unfolding before us; steep, steep cliffs, with jutting peaks, some black as the night, some covered by snow. Narrow valleys in between, with patches of snow thrown on the black rocks and the green forests and meadows in a haphazard way. Against a backdrop of blue blue skies with some white cotton wool clouds, the whole amazing scene was lighted up by a bright sun, bringing out the blazing colours and contrasts.

Simply beautiful.

Å proved a little gem amongst this stunning scenery with red wooden fishing sheds on stilts sitting between small docks, fishing boats and cliffs, with water everywhere. Under the black roofs and in the white window frames, hundreds and hundreds of sea gulls were nesting up, filling the air with their cries.

At the fishing dock, several Germans were working their way through their catch of the day, spending almost as much time cleaning their big bounty as catching it!

After our shore visit, the kayaks came out and the first kayaking party set off exploring the rugged shorelines from the water.

Their efforts were rewarded that night by the fresh fish risotto. When I proposed ice cream to top it off, all the faces lit up like a bunch of 8 year olds at a birthday party. Happiness all around.

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