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Friday 15 July, 1219 Norwegian time, 1119 UK time, 1019 Iceland time!Mount Beerenberg in Jan Mayen

We made it!! We're on the dock in Akureyri, arriving spot on 10am our time, or, as we should count now, 8am Iceland time, just when the harbour master starts his day. We've got a nice spot just on the outside of the wooden dock, next to the center.
Two hours later and our whole fantastic crew has already cleaned up the boat inside and out! Great job guys!
And welcome everybody to Iceland...we've already had five people stopping by for a chat, about the boat, where we're from, where we're us friendly advice and even, after asking for a recommended restaurant, telling us to go eat puffin!! Mmmm, let me think about that: nay, thanks! No fishy tasting birds for me, no matter how cute they look!
No, we're going for STEAK tonight!

It has been a great trip, despite it being more of a motoring exercise than sailing, we have seen some amazing natural beauty, whales, have visited one of the remote islands of the world, our team has climbed mount Beerenberg and we've found some new friends...

Also, as we're right next to the boulevard, we've already seen a bunch of cars: three out of five is a not only a big truck or Landrover, but a raised
or lifted big ass gass guzzling one to boot! Economic crisis?? Doesn't seem to be here!

It's waiting for customs now, to see whether they want to come and inspect the boat, before we're off to the swimming pool for hot showers, hot pools and a steam bath!
Welcome to Iceland!

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