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The Russian Landscape Paparazzi

the russian landscape paparazzi-smallWe expected our Russians, the new charter group, to be waiting for us on the dock after our return from our first attempt on Greenland, but when we called them at the entrance of the fjord mid afternoon, they told us that they would be another 3 hours or so (giving them an ETA of six to six thirty - a couple of hours after our own ETA!), as they were taking photos en route.

You've got to know that our new charter group is a bunch of 12 Russian Photographers. And no, that is not a typo, they are Photographers with a capital 'P': hard core semi-professional amateurs...but only amateur in the sense that they are not getting paid. In every other aspect, they were very very serious but also passionate about their photos...and equipment: the value of the equipment was enough to buy a small house!
This meant only shooting early early morning, or after eight in the evening, no matter how fantastic the event might be: "the light is not good!"
We did 5 days of pretty hard core sailing as well: the weather was quite stormy and overcast, with a good dose of rain. Not really the best photography weather, but our landscape paparazzi made the best of it and came back with some amazing shots.
The trip included overnight camping ashore, lots of wet (and some long) tender rides, an old whaling factory, lots of waterfalls, not nearly as much vodka as expected, lots of very late midnight dinners and early cooked breakfasts, a remote light house, a natural rock arch, dozens of Icelandic stories from our local Isafjordur guide (thanks Haukur!) and thousands and thousands of photos...

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