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Hello Azores!

PURE in Horta

Yes, you got it: we made it in one piece to the Azores!

Arrived in the middle of the night Thursday/Friday after a fantastic trip.

We left St Maarten after a little hiccup and an extra night on anchor and headed North on a comfortable starboard tack, just off the wind in a nice Force 4.

After a few days, everybody had found their little routines on board and our bodies had adjusted to the rythm of the sea...and the watch schedule of course. For those of you who are new to our ocean blogs a little explanation: as we keep sailing 24/7, you need to have people on watch 24/7. To get this organised, we run a watch system: we have 3 teams of 2 and each team does 4 hours 'on', 8 hours 'off' during the day and 3 hours 'on', 6 hours 'off' during the night and the on watch team sails the boat...the rest of the time we cook, clean, read, eat and chat! Oh, and sleep of course!

We've had a bit of everything: dark overcast days with bursts of pouring rain (the curse is still holding, always on my watch!) alternating with blue skies, trade wind clouds, lovely sunshine and a nice breeze; lots of wind (43+ knots) to hardly any (motoring...); going 5 knots and clocking 19.2 knots under 3 reefs and a handkerchief with Boogie on the wheel, racing down a wave!

Lots and lots dolphins, the closer we came to the Azores, the more often and the more numerous they showed up.
Had a bit of a halfway party, with a mid-Atlantic swim in no wind, a beer and some extra nice food and nibbles.
Food has been great all along, be it the fresh muffins every other day, the apple crumble with the apples that just had to go ar every watch's amazing dinners...
There goes another Transatlantic weight loss plan skewed!

We did of course put our creative talents to work as well: one just cannot pass in Horta without making a boat painting! Despite some dark figures trying to steal our paint, we painted Pure's painting on the dock: 'Purely Brilliant' as our neighbours said!

Were supposed to be off today but handstitching the sliders back on to the mainsail took a bit longer than leaving Tuesday morning 7am: you can track us again on the Spot via the website and we'll try to put a blog up!

Next timeline will be Gibraltar!

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