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It's our 7th day at sea and we have already sailed almost 1150nm, with another 1250nm to go to our first stop, the Azores.
As usual on this route, we've had a bit of everything sofar: champagne sailing under bright blue skies and with 18 knots on the beam, doing 9s and 10s; a big squall with 30-35 knot gusts and rain pouring down on us (yes, you got it, that was obvioulsy MY watch, the rain is still loving me!), very light winds in which we luckily enough were still doing 5+ knots, and now, about 12-14 knots from the beam and just aft of the beam, with overcast skies...but since yesterday we are pointing straight at the Azores!
Until now, we've had to aim well north of our actual course, so that we could sail around the top of the 'Azores high', a big high pressure system around the Azores that moves around and is holding court particularly north this year, so that we can avoid the big windhole (big area where there is no or very very little wind, meaning we cannot sail, something to avoid when on a sailboat!) in the middle of the high pressure system.
We are very impressd with the performance of the new boat we're running, SY Pure. She is a 70ft performance cruiser and if you want to get some information and photos of her, surf to
Spirits are great on board and we're eating extremely well, not in the least because Sara and Mercy, our two American sailor sisters, are baking wonderful brownies, muffins and other baked goodies (afraid this is going to be another Transatlantic where loosing weight is not going to happen).
Keeping it short, more to follow once we're in the Azores!
Fair winds!
Thursday 24/5 - 11am boat time
33.56N 54.00W
COG 065T
SOG 8.1kn
1255nm to go
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