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Paaartyyyyyyyyyyy! Half way Baby!

There are numerous ways to decide what half way is on a Transatlantic: you can estimate the number of days and take half of that; you can take the rhumb line distance (the shortest distance between the start and finish, about 2700nm) and half that – but you almost always sail a longer distance; or you can carefully keep an eye at your log and pinpoint the moment where you distance sailed equals your distance to go...
Of course you could have three half way parties, but it would take away the glow of the one big one...
So we went with the last option and at 0752 this morning we hit the spot! 1454nm sailed and 1454nm to go!
Whoops all around and preps for the evening’s party are underway, with the Cava and the beer chilling in the fridge and the home made cheesecake all ready to go!
Of course, we had seen this point coming for a while, keeping a close watch on the log and we already had a pre party last night! The new outdoor speakers went in overdrive, just before dinner, and everybody was shaking their booty on the aft deck and in the cockpit, on a very eclectic mix of tunes: ”Maniac”, “I’m sexy and I know it” and “Moves like Mick Jagger”. Moves like Pure Crew was more like it!
8 December 1403 boat time
1403 nm to go
8.4kn SOG
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