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ETCB...Estimated Time to Cold Beer...

It’s tantalizingly close now, we’ve passed the 100nm to go mark a few hours ago, celebrated by cheers all around from all aboard. The crew is getting excited and everyone’s thoughts are already on the dock...or rather at the bar! It’s not about ETA (estimated time of arrival) anymore, it’s all about ETCB: Estimated Time to Cold Beer!
It’s the 17th of December and only Fernando is still in the race for winning the sweepstakes for the arrival time...
he put down today 5pm as our waypoint arrival time... and even he will not have got it right! At least he’s the closest one, as the rest varied between the 15th at 2pm (Doug) to yesterday 4.45pm (Hans).
Yes, we’re still out here, 9 and something days after hitting halfway (which took us 7.5 days). It’s turning out to be one of our slowest crossings ever!
We’ve now had 4 days of barely any wind at all towards the end of the trip, meaning anything between 2 and 6 knots from behind...and we’re still motor sailing as we still only have 10 knots from behind. It’s all very unusual!...
There is an upside however to having so little wind: you can go for a swim in the ocean! So last Saturday, we put a line out and the ladder, and all dove off into the unbelievably clear blue water for a relaxing and refreshing swim in the Atlantic...with several thousand feet below us.
With less than 80nm to go now, everybody’s happy, the beers are about to go in the fridge and hopefully our next blog will be from the islands!
17 December, 1400 boat time (UTC-4)
75.15nm to go
SOG 6.1 – wind 10 knots from dead behind
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