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Star Chaser For Sale!

Barcelona, November 2010 – Star Chaser, the beautiful Swan 51, is currently in Barcelona where she is undergoing a small refit and waiting for some great new owners! Her current owners/skippers, Boogie van den Boogaard and Marlies Sanders, have decided that after 4 fantastic years chartering her for a great number of sailing adventure, it is now time for a change and have put Star Chaser on the market. This means they will no longer be running Star Chaser personally as a charter yacht, but they will continue the other part of the business: organising amazing sailing adventures around the world!

Some of the adventures they are organising:
- As we speak a group of 7 Star Chaser Sailing Adventurers are in Las Palmas, where they have joined the Swan 48 Snow Wolf for the adventure of a lifetime: sailing across the Atlantic with the ARC!
- A family of 5 will leave for Australia in January to go on an amazing adventure: discovering the famous Whitsunday Islands on a sailing boat!
- Joining a race crew for the world renowned Middle Sea Race, starting from the historic island Malta.

Van den Boogaard and Sanders are both experienced sailors and skippers who have been involved in making sure people have an unforgettable time when sailing. They have a keen understanding what makes your sailing adventure special!

If you are interested in buying Star Chaser or just would like some more information about the endless sailing adventures that you can embark upon, please contact us

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