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2nd place in ARC!

December 2010 – Our enthusiastic ARC crew of 7 that sailed off into the sun set on November 21 on Snow Wolf, have done a fantastic job! Not only have they very successfully accomplished their first Atlantic crossing, but came 2nd in their class! Our warm congratulations to the team for a fantastic achievement!

Unusual weather patterns have dominated the crossing this year, with the much awaited trade winds only becoming established after their second week at sea. This has made for a rather slow ARC for most boats, although once the trade winds kicked in, some had more than they asked for and Snow Wolf also experienced some very squally weather, as well as established high winds and big seas. Compliments to the crew for handling it all with enthusiasm and a great spirit! All in all the crew had an epic voyage: light winds, lots of wind, great food, fishing, generator repairs, a broken halyard but most of all some unforgettable sailing and new friends for life. As they say so rightly in their blog: “We have all had our individual high and lows during the past 18 days, but for each and every one of us, the crossing has been an unforgettable experience we would not do without.”

However long it has taken, all of the ARC crews have achieved something amazing - they have sailed a relatively small boat across a very large ocean. An accomplishment to be proud of!

To read about the crew adventures yourself, read their blog here. Or, if you want to do something amazing yourself, contact Star Chaser Sailing here for more information about the sailing adventures they offer!

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