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Amazing day!

This is just one of the things our corporate crew told us after an exciting day sailing on the Solent.

We welcomed a mostly novice crew in the morning in Ocean Village for a day’s sailing in what can be called rather bumpy conditions.

With a reefed headsail and a double reefed main, the boat was holding out wonderfully though (true Swan, they love this sort of weather) and so was the crew!

The employees from these two companies work together and went out on the water on Star Chaser to strengthen their working relations and get to know each other better (makes working together a lot easier after all!), but also to have some good old fun! ...l. And fun they had!

Teamwork became second nature after having done a few manoeuvres and before long, our crew was steering and helping running the boat as if they had never done anything else. Sailing down Southampton Water we were overtaken by Leopard, Mike Slade’s amazingly fast 100ft’er, that was speeding through the water fully reefed! Not a much seen sight and a delight to see for everybody on board.

Making our way up into the Solent, spirits were high and our crew all had big smiles all over!

How much they loved being out on the boat became clear at lunch time; a nice pub lunch had been organised with plenty of time to relax and stretch the (sea)legs. However, as soon as lunch was over, they couldn’t wait to get back to the boat and we went for an early ’after-lunch-start’!

The rest of the afternoon gave all who wanted a chance to have a go at steering 23T of power through the water. Not an easy feat, but very rewarding to see the boat react to your movements.

This challenging but fun day out on the water created some unforgettable memories for all on board. And the crew that stepped off the boat back in Ocean Village was by no means a novice crew anymore: salty seadogs!

A big thank you to s2s who initiated this great day out. We hope to see you again soon!

Do you also want to build and strengthen your relationship with your customers, reward your own in house team, or do an effective teambuilding event on the water as well? Contact us and we will make sure you and your guests will have a day you will never forget!

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